Woodgrain Essential Oil Diffuser (100ml)

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Woodgrain Essential Oil Diffuser (100ml)
The Compact Oil Diffuser with Longer-Lasting Mist

Hello Mynt – Refreshment, Evolved.
- Engineered with Leading Technology
- Smarter Design, for Smarter Living

Longer-Lasting Mist
Use continually for 4.5 hours, or return to a fresher home with 10 hours + diffusion on intermittent. 
Press once for continual mode.
Press twice for intermittent (30 second intervals).

Quieter Operation
A practically silent mechanism means Woodgrain Essential Oil Diffuser
is ideal for use in the home, office, or studio. Averaging under 30dB, it's significantly quieter than a laptop – with no humming, no beeps and no distractions.

Healthier Mist
BPA-Free and FDA approved materials deliver refreshment you can trust, with no surprises. Use worry-free, and breathe easier – from the office to the bedroom.

Smarter Diffusion
Mynt's advanced ultrasonic technology delivers heatless oil diffusion, preserving your oil's natural healing properties. When all water has been diffused, mist automatically shuts off to ensure energy efficiency and peace of mind. 

Set The Mood
Create the perfect ambiance, day and night with 7 cycling colors. Press once for rolling colors, twice to freeze, and for a third time to turn off. Ideal as a nightlight or for adding energy efficient, unobtrusive lighting. 

- For seamless diffusion, ensure inner layers are correctly aligned.
- Add 2-3 drops of essential oils per 100 ml of water, or adjust for fragrance preference.
- Press once to turn on, twice to change mode, and thrice to turn off. Essential oils sold separately.
- Essential oils sold separately.