Tapping Foot Massager

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Tapping Foot Massager
Immersive Therapy with Superior Settings

Hello Mynt – Refreshment, Evolved.
- Engineered with Leading Technology
- Smarter Design, for Smarter Living

Targeted Refreshment
Working in tandem with rollers and air pressure, tapping motion provides percussive therapy to the arch of the foot. Designed to deliver immersive, 3D massage treatment – from rear of the ankle, to tips of the toes.

Treat Your FeetOur feet are prone to many problems - from stress and strain through to medical issues e.g. plantar fasciitis. Tapping Foot Massager helps feet rest and play, improving circulation, aiding relaxation, and tackling aches and pains. 

Professional-Grade Massage
22 massage heads deliver treatment that’s robust and masseuse-quality. Easy, centralized controls tailor air pressure, intensity, heat, roller, and speed for the perfect experience. 3 modes (soothe, refresh, traditional shiatsu) provide a choice of 3 distinct massage styles.
LED display: Green – Low, Blue – Medium, Red – High. 

Turn Up The Heat
A reengineered system delivers heat that’s warmer than other massagers, while PTC technology heats up faster. Within a 20 minute cycle, central massage nodes will reach 45°C / 113°F for muscle relaxation and safe, consistent heat therapy.

Smarter By Design
Engineered utilizing select, hard wearing materials for perfect performance. Inner sleeves can be removed and washed on a regular cycle, to ensure hygiene for multiple users. 

Degree of customization depends on selected massage mode. 
Designed to provide deep tissue massage. If you feel discomfort, adjust position, or relax pressure. If you have sensitive feet, consider wearing socks and working up from the lowest intensity. Recommended for feet sized up to US 11 (EU 44-45).