Essential Oil Diffuser (100ml)

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Essential Oil Diffuser (100ml) 
The Oil Diffuser with Customizable Light and Longer-Lasting Mist 

Diffuse For Longer 
The Essential Oil Diffuser is designed to provide relaxing mist for longer. 
2 settings allow you to customize your environment. Press once for continual mode (4.5h+) with 100 ml of water, or press again for intermittent mode (10+h at 30 second intervals). 

Live Better 
Scented mist covers pesky, persistent house smells such as smoke or pet odors. 
Humidifying vapor works in tandem to fight dry air – alleviating allergens, rehydrating dry skin and enabling cleaner better, healthier breathing. 
Pair with your favourite fragrances, whether you’re looking to boost concentration or sleep easier at night. 

Quieter Operation 
Works quieter than competitors, for use in many situations. Silent operation is ideal for use in living rooms, bedrooms, or simply use as a night light. No hum, no annoying distractions. 

Lifestyle Design 
Engineered to combat internal condensation, meaning no water droplets on the top, or on your surfaces. 
A streamlined design and minimalist, yet classy design complements any room in the house. 
Simply unplug at the back to refill or clean. 

Certified Safe 
BPA-Free and FDA Approved, for mist you can trust without any nasty surprises. When all water is used up, the diffuser automatically shuts off to ensure safety, energy efficiency and peace of mind. 

Add 2-3 drops of essential oil per 100 ml of water. Essential oils sold separately. 
Press once to turn on, twice to change mode, and thirdly to turn off.