Eye Energizer (USB Charged)

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Eye Energizer

Soothe, Refresh, and Regenerize Tired Eyes


Hello Mynt – Refreshment, Evolved.

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Innovative Eye Treatment

Our eyes are an indicator of overall health, and go through daily strain. Eye Energizer is designed by industry experts, utilizing cutting-edge thermo and massage technology to help refresh and regenerate.



3 modes deliver tailored treatment, heating and cooling rapidly. A full cycle (approx. 10 mins total) is ideal as part of your daily routine.


Place on one eye, and swap after the beep for therapy that’s perfectly timed:

Refresh: Cools to 64°F / 18°C. 60 seconds per-eye.

Relieve: Heats to 104°F / 40°C. 120 seconds per-eye.

Revive: Rotates between hot and cold, use for 60 seconds per temperature, per eye.


Massage Therapy

Mynt and massage are synonymous – turn Eye Energizer around and receive a gentle sonic-vibration massage, oscillating up to 4,500 times per minute. FDA approved, silicone massage tips are kind to skin – apply pressure to start, and release to stop.


Boost Your Beauty Regime

Eye Energizer is a game changer and a new necessity in your beauty routine.

  • Refresh: Helps reduce eye swelling and puffiness— also boosting skin elasticity.
  • Relieve: Helps skin absorb moisturisers, and triggers collagen regeneration.
  • Revive: Helps improves blood circulation, and battles under-eye bags.
  • Massage: Helps skin naturally exfoliate, brightening the appearance of eyes.


    Perfect Portability

    Eye Energizer is easy-grip, ultra-light (0.35 lb / 0.16kg), and comes with a dust-proof carry bag for safe transport. USB power means you can charge up in 2.5 hours and use for a week (10 mins * 7) on a single charge. Use practically anywhere, anytime, with noiseless operation.



    • To prevent momentary blurred vision from pressure, keep eyes closed for 30 seconds after using.
    • Do not exceed 3 cycles per day. Remove contact lenses before using.
    • Wipe clean, do not submerge or place under running water.