Mini Spot Massager

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Mini Spot Massager
The Mini TENS Massager, with Unrivaled Performance

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Portable Build
With no annoying wires, an ultra-compact design makes Mini Spot Massager effortlessly portable – use practically anytime, anywhere.

Perfect for Pain
Micro electronic pulses attack pain and stress, helping to tackle persistent health issues. Mini Spot Massager can be used practically anywhere on the body for targeted TENS treatment.

Totally Tailored
Choose from 5 different pulse modes (Default, Crescendo, Balance, Tapping, Pitch) and 10 intensities.
Mini Spot Massager will start on mode 1, intensity 1. A trio of prominent buttons make it simple to select the perfect settings.

1. Default: Medium pulses at regular intervals.
2. Crescendo: Small pulse, followed by a deeper pulse.
3. Balance: Smaller pulses at regular intervals.
4. Tapping: Smaller pulses, at frequent pulses.
5. Pitch: Deeper pulses at regular intervals.

Big Performance
Mini Spot Massager runs for 7 cycles / 105 minutes from a full charge. Self-adhesive pad can be used up to 250 times – to maximise adhesion, reattach the plastic film afterwards, place in the zip-lock bag and wash approximately every 50 uses.

·Controller will beep at top / bottom intensity settings.
·Pad adhesion will depend on usage habits and skin type.
·Massage will automatically stop after completing a 15 minute cycle.
·It is not recommended to exceed 30 minutes of massage per body part, per day.