Wearable Heating Wrap

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Wearable Heating Wrap
The Wearable Warming Wrap with USB Connection

UPC 742271393695


Warmth On-Demand
A USB connection means you can plug in anywhere – from your computer in the office, to a power bank at the game. Add an extra bit of warmth during the colder seasons and evenings.


Simple To Use
1 Button and 3 colors make it super easy to operate. Hold to turn on / off and press to change the mode. A prominent central button can be used through clothes.

Blue = Low Heat

Green = Medium Heat

Red = Extra Heat


Cool Design
A micro-velvet finish is soft to skin and adjustable clasps ensure a warm, comfortable fit for anyone. Wearable Heating Wrap is super easy to keep clean – just seal in the bag, wash and dry flat.


Blend In
A lightweight, non-bulky build ensures it can be hidden under coats and scarves, for an almost invisible heat boost. Plug into a small power bank, use the internal pocket and grab extra warmth on-the-go.



● For safety, the Heating Wrap will auto shut off after 120 minutes.

● Lower output devices will warm up at slower speed.

● Long-press to turn on / off. Short-press to toggle heat.