Introduction to Thai Massage

Introduction to Thai Massage

When it comes to Thai massage, people will immediately think of Thai stretching. Thai stretching is just one type of Thai massage, this time we will introduce you to Thai massage and explain how we incorporate Thai massage into the design of the massager.

Thai massage is a traditional therapy that combines acupressure and assisted yoga postures, so it is also called Thai Yoga massage. We all know that the core effect of yoga is to increase the flexibility of the body, and the same is true of Thai stretching, which not only relaxes people, but also improves blood circulation. Thai acupoint massage and traditional massage techniques are more like, that is, can accurately find the acupoints, different acupoints have different effects, so Thai acupoint massage is also a more comprehensive technology.

Statistics show that every Thai masseur needs 800 hours of technical training to reach the standard. This is enough to show the comprehensiveness and exquisite style of Thai massage technology. So how did we incorporate Thai massage on the massager?

Thai stretching is one of the most famous techniques in Thai massage. A combination of zero gravity and Thai stretching -- while lying on a massage chair, the chair repositions the feet above the head, allowing blood to flow back from the feet to the heart and improve circulation. It then moves its feet down to create an obtuse Angle, stretching the body. Please be assured that all these are the most effective and suitable procedures designed by professional knowledge and technology.

On the other hand, in order to realize Thai-style acupoint massage, we have made the massage head in the massage chair accurately find the various acupoints of the human body through a long time of research and development. This technology is suitable for people of all shapes.

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