S-Track VS. L-track VS. SL-track

S-Track VS. L-track VS. SL-track

Whether it is S-Track,L-track or SL-track, I believe we have heard of it. What are the advantages and differences of the three?

SL-track is the most advanced, is the combined version of S-track and L-track. Then, let's first introduce S-track and L-track.

What is the S - track ?

S-track refers to the shape of the track. Imagine that the track is straight. How would it massage the natural curves in our neck and spine effectively? The answer is, not very well. You would find that the neck and lower back miss out.

Think about the shape of the letter ‘S’. It closely resembles the natural curves of the spine and, therefore, is the best shape for a roller track, enabling your back and neck to be massaged effectively, from the neck and down the curves of the spine to the lower back.


What is the L - track ?

L track, to make it simple, is the extended version of the S track but with straight track from head to lower back. Like the letter 'L', It massages all the way down to the buttock from head, however, it is without curvature on the track, It doesn't fit the back as well as S-Track.


What is the SL - track ?

The name of SL-Track is a combination of 'S' and 'L', that is to say, SL-Track can not only achieve the S-shaped rail to fit the back, but also achieve the L-shaped length, so as to massage the buttocks. This solves the problem of insufficient length of S-Track and the shortcoming of L-Track not fitting the body well.

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