The difference between 2D massage and 3D massage

The difference between 2D massage and 3D massage

   Before answering the question of the difference between a 2D massage and a 3D massage, you must want to ask 'What is a 2D massage?What is a 3D massage? '

   2D massage is the most traditional and the oldest massage, and it is also the massage that most people understand. You can understand that the massage roller is two-dimensional movement, that is, the massage roller can only move up and down and left and right, so the massage force is relatively light and the depth of the muscle can be massaged is relatively shallow.

   3D massage is upgraded on the basis of 2D massage, so that the massage roller can not only move up and down, but also can move forward and backward.These rollers can protrude further out from their massage track and reach places that are typically neglected by the average chair, including the upper neck and shoulder area.

   2D massage can satisfy some people's basic needs, 3D massage technology is suitable for more people because of its better force adjustment.


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