What is vibrational massage?

What is vibrational massage?

Many people believe that vibrational massage is ineffective because some people feel less comfortable or even uncomfortable during vibrational massage than other types of massage. But in fact, there is no professional knowledge reserve, it is difficult to find what benefits vibration massage has for our human body. This article will give you a comprehensive explanation of vibration massage in simple and easy to understand terms.

How does vibration massage work?

Vibration massage works by the force of the hand creating a back and forth motion against your skin. Depending on how fast and how much pressure is applied, it can effectively stimulate or soothe your body, relax your stressed areas, and if done quickly, improve blood circulation, Muscle vibrations also produce osteoblasts, which are good for your bones.

Who is suitable for vibrating massage?

It doesn't matter if you're an athlete or an office worker, you can use it as long as you're an adult.

When is vibration massage appropriate?

After you go to the gym, go hiking, swim, run, or even have a sore back or leg from sitting at your desk for a long time, you can use a vibration massage to relieve your muscle pain and improve circulation, You can also have your legs professionally massaged before a long run or sprint.

Which parts of the body can be massaged with vibration?









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